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Show Table Awards

YearBest Home GrownBest GreenhouseTony PetraliaPat DiSantoMost Improved GrowerOrchid Digest
2015-2016Bill QuirkMike DuniganElishia DallmanPat EastwoodElsa Aglownot given this year
2014-2015Mike HornBayard SaradukeMike DuniganErnie MassoSherron Davisnot given this year
2013-2014Rosanne NunezBayard SaradukeMike DuniganCheryl TuckermanMike Hornnot given this year
2012-2013Elishia DallmanMike DuniganNellie NovakBob BookbinderCheryl TuckermanValerie Oldham
2011-2012Pat EastwoodMike DuniganValerie OldhamBayard SaradukeMike DuniganJohn DeGood
2010-2011Pat EastwoodMaurice MariettiMike DuniganValerie OldhamElishia DallmanBayard Saraduke
2009-2010Valerie OldhamBayard SaradukeAnita McGannRosanne NunezPat EastwoodMaurice Marietti
2008-2009Ty TriplettDonna BoyleBayard SaradukeErnie MassoAnita McGannNancy Volpe
2007-2008Anita McGannDonna BoyleChristine JacobyMaurice MariettiTracy TambussiJohn Ceresani

Show Table Rules

At each regularly scheduled monthly meeting of the Pinelands Orchid Society, there will be a show table on which members may display plants. The show table will be judged by the Show Table Committee and individuals selected from the general membership.

Download Show Table Rules (effective September 2007)

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